Member-to-Member PPE Items Available for Purchase

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, many companies are producing PPE items that are available for purchase. As businesses begin to reopen, we are establishing this special section on the resources page on our website to inform our members about these offerings. If your company is selling PPE items and you’d like to promote, please click here to complete and submit the form.


PPE Items Available: Face Masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, HEPA air purifiers
Omni/PrintOne has been helping our essential business clients to obtain PPE products through our industry vendors during this covid crisis. As businesses progress through the recommended guidelines of the reopening phases, we are further assisting companies in preparing safer, cleaner, and more productive office and remote environments for their employees as they get back to running their once again successful businesses.
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Wayne Schatzel
Director of Business Development

PPE Items Available: Face Masks, The Medic Air Checkpoint
Checkpoint is equipped with biometric object recognition software which may be set to identify facial masks and facility required PPE. Infrared Scanning Technology accurately identifies body temperature (within 0.5*C/0.9*F) in seconds. Anyone entering the facility, who falls safely within pre-set parameters, can trigger a passive relay, Wigan data, or serial Rs 232 output. Those with a body temperature above the pre-set parameters or without proper PPE can be directed to a designated medical location.
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Medic Air Supply
Walter Kluge
Sales and New Product Development

PPE Items Available: Face Shields, Ear Saver Clips
Frank Lowe is manufacturing both Face Shields and Ear Saver Clips. Available in both small and large quantities.
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Contact Information:
Frank Lowe
Anthony Valerio
Business Development Manager

PPE Items Available: Empowering Employee Mindset on when Returning Back to Work after COVID Seminar
The seminar will be custom to your company and it’s challenges in bringing everyone back together after being apart for so long. Just as important as office space and sanitizing is the “head space” of returning employees. This interactive one hour seminar focuses on: 1. Addressing employees fears. 2. Addressing employee morale individually and as a team. 3. Getting on the same page in becoming a motivated and productive worker again. 
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Contact Information:
Moving Forward Seminars
Donna Sirianni

PPE Items Available: Face Masks, Face Shields, Hand Sanitizers, Gloves, PVC Sneeze Guards, UVC Sanitizers
We are a 70 year old company based on Long Island whose core business is the optical industry. In order to better serve our customer and our community we are leveraging our expertise in manufacturing and importing approved medical items and working to produce trusted quality PPE items
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ClearVision Optical
Jennifer Trakenberg
Head of Talent