Aenvision Inc.

Aenvision provides analytics that let fast growing tech startups reduce workplace development times by 80% or more.

Workplace development is still an intuitive process driven by judgement calls and leasing cycles. This makes it hard to know before a space is occupied which problems have actually been solved by strategic decision making and which have not.

Data driven workplace strategy revolutionizes this process dramatically reducing development times and ensuring effective mission-critical office environments are created cost-effectively in the smallest footprints possible.

Applied Visions, Inc

Applied Visions is a software engineering firm focused on creating solutions that solve complex problems and drive business growth for its clients. AVI provides innovative solutions in cyber security, business applications and digital transformation, commercial products and services, mobility, and internet of things systems. AVI serves government and commercial customers worldwide.

AVI applies the expertise of its dedicated team of engineers, researchers, product developers, and interaction designers to create a wide range of solutions. AVI has created award-winning commercial software products for leading technology companies, and has applied software and visual design in innovative ways to address critical operational needs for our defense, homeland security, and intelligence services.

AVI develops robust and secure applications, based on its experience in developing application security tools and techniques for the federal government. The company’s Secure Decisions division represents leading-edge thinking in using visualization for national security, including information assurance, infrastructure protection, application security, and intelligence analysis – helping decision-makers make sense of things with visual tools to analyze massive amount of data, creating deeper understanding and enabling timely decisions.

AVI’s Software Design Solutions subsidiary specializes in embedded systems design and Internet of Things development. Combining the disciplines of electrical engineering, software/firmware engineering, and mechanical design, SDS produces intelligent products and control systems for a variety of industries including medical equipment, retail, manufacturing, and industrial control systems.

AVI’s work has earned both industry and government recognition for quality, innovation, and ease-of-use.

Global Telecom Supply

Global Telecom Supply (GTS) is a telecommunications and data infrastructure solutions provider whose primary focus is helping companies and organizations of all sizes effectively communicate internally and externally using the best technology at the right price

MGC Bookkeeping Services

MGC Bookkeeping provides basic and advanced bookkeeping services and comprehensive financial reporting to small and medium sized businesses.

We’ve partnered with QuickBooks, the #1 accounting software for small businesses and Google for cloud document management.

These platforms allow for access from any computer, laptop or smartphone device.