Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives & Business Partnerships

The HIA-LI is one of the recognized voices for Long Island Business and a powerful force in regional and economic development.

HIA-LI’s Priorities include important initiatives and projects we will advocate for on behalf of the Long Island business community. We are committed to collaborating to build support for these priorities as we help restore the LI economy.

Long Island Economic Development

Support and advocate for efforts to improve infrastructure and promote economic development on Long Island.

  • Long Island Innovation Park at Hauppauge – Advocate for the growth and sustainability of the LIIPH, the largest in the Northeast.
  • LI MacArthur Airport – Build support and awareness for Town of Islip projects and the expansion of Long Island MacArthur Airport.
  • Major projects on LI – Identify and highlight additional Long Island transformational projects.Government Relations

Work with business to identify challenges and government leaders to explore existing and emerging strategies to support Long Island Business and quality of life.

Workforce Development

Connect Business needs and institutions to better attract Long Island’s future workforce. Develop strategies to attract, train and retain employees for Long Island business.

  • Job portal – Create a hub where businesses, job seekers, universities and partners can align on job creation and hiring.

Restore and Grow Membership

Articulate our deepened value proposition to restore and attract new members.

  • CEO membership – Continue to create a forum for CEO’s and business owners to collaborate and brainstorm to grow their businesses.
  • Premium online marketplace – Help our members showcase and connect their company brand virtually to the Long Island business community.

Small Business

Create an environment of business success by branding, educating, and advocating for Long Island Small Business.

Women’s Collaborative

Support, educate and advocate for women business leaders to affect positive change and growth.

Rebranding HIA-LI

Re – launch HIA-LI’s brand to communicate our unique value and solidify our position within the LI market. Modernize our logo showing that we are evolving to reach the next norm.