Hauppauge Industrial Park

Hauppauge Industrial ParkHIA-LI is supporting the infrastructure of one of the largest industrial parks in the Northeast with over 55,000 employees to promote the continued growth of business in the Park. Our infrastructure projects in the park are designed to improve efficiency and help prepare your company for growth! Projects include:

Sewerage Project

Allow for expansion of facilities, greater density usage, future growth and environmental benefits in the existing and proposed sewerage service area. It is designed to eliminate current problems with the aging infrastructure of two sewage treatment plants which comprise the existing Sewer District.

Overlay District

A new zoning overlay district will allow taller buildings, outdoor storage and additional parking in the Hauppauge Industrial Park which gives companies in the Park the opportunity for more growth.

Transportation Study

HIA-LI received a $650,000 grant to draft a plan for improving the Hauppauge Industrial Park’s road infrastructure, providing access and egression from the park. This will save you, your employees and your client’s time!

Ambulance Response Time

We are working closely with local departments to improve ambulance response time in the park.

Past HIA-LI industrial projects that have improved the Hauppauge Industrial Park:

  • New Highway exit off the Northern State Parkway
  • Sagtikos Parkway – LIE Interchange
  • Safety-boosting traffic and street lights in the Park
  • Critical roads within the Park have been repaved and widened
  • Improvements to the electrical system

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