Arthur Sanders

Arthur SandersArthur Sanders
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Arthur Sanders served as President of HIA-LI in 1997-1998 and continues to serve on the Board of Directors. As past president, he has been appointed chair of the HIA Nominating Committee. In addition to being President for a total of 3 terms, he also held the position of Treasurer and Vice President. Sanders, a CPA since 1968, is President of Israeloff, Trattner & Co., P.C., CPA’s. His dynamic leadership, ability and positive and caring personality has helped make the HIA-LI what it is today. Arthur was born in Brooklyn and raised in Flushing. In 1969 he moved to Commack and lived there until 1983. When he joined the Commack Jewish Center, he met a man who would remain his good friend for more than 30 years – Jack Kulka. In fact, it was Jack who asked him to get involved with the HIA. According to Sanders, “The HIA is a dynamic organization which improves the quality of life in and out of the Park. When people have problems, they know they can turn to us to help solve them. That’s what makes us different. We are truly responsive and that’s our priority. The members of the Board of Directors leave their egos home and concentrate on what’s best for the members of the HIA.” During Arthur’s first term as President, the HIA established the first Intergenerational Day Care Center of its Kind in the nation – after a long 3 year effort make by many dedicated volunteer to comply with State, County and Town regulations. Serendipity Day Care Center was originally funded with federal and state grant money and is open to everyone. Arthur’s dedication goes beyond the HIA and includes active participation in numerous professional organizations and charities. He is an active member in the New York State Society of CPA’s. He has worked tirelessly for the March of Dimes as Chairman of the Board for the Long Island Chapter, the American Lung Association, the American Kidney Association, and New Ground, a program for underprivileged children. According to Sanders, “The secret of success is to never take anyone for granted and people will always rise to the occasion.” As a strong believer in positive thinking, he explained, “The staff of HIA is beyond belief and the work they do and the spirit in which they do it is incredible.” During his first term as President (1988-1989), he hired Marcy Tublisky as Executive Director of HIA and Arthur believes that Marcy has helped make the organization an effective, dynamic force on Long Island. Looking to the future, Sanders says, “In the years ahead under the leadership of Howard Kipnes and other future leaders, the HIA will continue to make Long Island a better place to live and work.” Arthur Sanders has two grown children and resides with his wife, Janet, in Woodbury. In his spare time he relaxes by writing music and being an avid photographer.