About HIA-LI

Terri Alessi - Miceli, HIA – LI President

President & CEO of HIA-LI, Terri Alessi-Miceli

Dear Valued Business Leader,

We thank you for your outstanding commitment and support of Long Island businesses. Because of business people like you the HIA-LI has stayed true to our purpose of being member driven with a personal touch.

During the past quarter-century, the HIA -LI has grown to represent tens of thousands of business professionals. We have been one of the recognized voices for business on Long Island and a powerful force and economic engine for regional development for more than 40 years. Our community outreach has fed the hungry, supplied blood for emergencies, provided scholarships for Long Island college students and strengthened businesses throughout the region.

We are continuing to spearhead initiatives to address problems affecting the Long Island Innovation Park at Hauppauge, formerly known as the Hauppauge Industrial Park, – infrastructure issues such as sewer capacity, roads and transportation. And, while the Park is a primary concern, it is only one of our objectives. Since our membership encompasses Long Island and beyond our overall objective is to enhance the economic climate and overall quality of life of the Long Island business region for the benefit of our members.

HIA-LI has continued to conduct extensive focus groups with members and prospects and have identified several continued and new key initiatives that will help business survive and thrive now and in the future.

Manufacturing Revitalization Initiative

HIA-LI is helping to promote manufacturing innovation on Long Island and creating opportunities for a skilled workforce.

Workforce Development Initiative

HIA-LI is developing opportunities to attract, train and retain employees for Long Island businesses.

Healthcare Initiative

HIA-LI is working with a cross section of industry and government leaders to explore existing and emerging strategies for containing healthcare costs.

Infrastructure Initiative

HIA-LI is developing and supporting the infrastructure of the Hauppauge Industrial Park to promote the continued growth of business in the Park.

Business Development Initiative

HIA-LI is creating an environment for continued business success.

Clean Tech & Renewable Energy Initiative

HIA-LI is promoting energy awareness and efficiency to Long Island businesses, using the Hauppauge Industrial Park as a pilot site.

Virtual HIA-LI Initiative

HIA-LI is enabling our current and future members to connect, collaborate and communicate online, via the website and portal.

Organization Growth Initiative

HIA-LI is building and growing the organization for continued success.

We encourage you to get involved through our committees in these and other HIA –LI initiatives to help you do business and make a difference. It was Margaret Mead who once said, “Never underestimate the power of a few committed passionate people. It is the thing that can change the world.” Building off of our member driven philosophy and having the courage to continue to forge forward together will allow us to better compete in this economy.

Please join us for the ride … because HIA still means business – especially in these times!

With much admiration,
Terri Alessi - Miceli, HIA – LI President

Terri Alessi – Miceli
HIA – LI President