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Vanguard Funding LLC Vice President, Robert Jayne,Earns Prestigious National Mortgage Industry Certification

Garden City, NY – January 2, 2014 – Robert Jayne, Vice President of Vanguard Funding LLC, has joined the elite group of mortgage professionals to attain standing as a nationally recognized Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP). The National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA) has granted Jayne this distinguished certification as he has demonstrated he is confident in his skills, competent in practice, educated, ethical and involved in the advancement of the reverse mortgage industry. Robert Jayne received notification of his official CRMP certification on December 20, 2013.

NRMLA serves as the governing body over the certification process of an CRMP with policies and procedures and further, acts as an educational resource as well as a policy advocate for reverse mortgage lenders and related professionals. Earning the CRMP places Jayne in a privileged class that only a handful of mortgage professionals in the United States have; in fact, less than 100 individuals have this certification bestowed upon them to date. It is the most prestigious credential that NRMLA offers. The certification is gained only once the candidate has met certain requirements of experience and knowledge of reverse mortgages nonetheless passing a grueling examination. Through its rigorous credentialing, the CRMP classification gives the mortgage professional the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to a superior level of service to the borrower and their promise to uphold a Code of Ethics and standards.

“Combined with the CRMP code of ethics and best business practices, this certification is another layer of assurance that a borrower is conducting business with a recognized expert in the reverse mortgage origination field,” said Vanguard Funding LLC President, Brian Ofsie. “Now more than ever, it is imperative that we, as mortgage professionals, need to raise the bar of professionalism and ethical practice … and that’s exactly what Robert Jayne signifies to Vanguard.” “We are extremely proud of his certification, continued Ofsie. We practice mandatory product, compliance and service training at Vanguard. All of our mortgage originators continually expand their knowledge base and exercise an exceptional level of service to the borrower, just as Rob does.”

Vanguard Funding LLC continues to be a leader in the mortgage banking industry and in 2004 became involved with reverse mortgages, which have since become a major part of their business and has had a profoundly positive impact on their borrowers by helping seniors retain a financially healthy lifestyle and stay in their homes. Jayne stated, “I’m a strong believer in the reverse mortgage product, I don’t believe in selling a reverse mortgage I believe in educating people. I not only educate potential clients but I continually educate my staff and want to give them [clients] every assurance that they are dealing with an educated, well prepared professional that they can trust.”

In the summer of 2013, Congress authorized HUD to initiate improvements in the reverse mortgage program that would better meet the needs of borrowers. These improvements included full financial assessment of Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) applicants, setting aside funds for tax and insurance, and restricting amounts of proceeds that can be drawn initially as well other refinements. The intent is to make a reverse mortgage a long-term financial planning tool rather than a last resort management tool. With the continual “tweaks” to the HECM program coupled with regulatory changes coming forth this year, Vanguard Funding LLC is in perfect alignment to provide forward and reverse financing securely and with greater peace of mind for the borrower.


The National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA) is the national voice of the reverse mortgage industry, serving as an educational resource, policy advocate and public affairs center for lenders and related professionals. NRMLA was established in 1997 to enhance the professionalism of the reverse mortgage business.

Our mission is to educate consumers about the pros and cons of reverse mortgages, to train lenders to be sensitive to clients’ needs, to enforce our Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility, and to advise policy makers on reverse mortgage issues.

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