HIA-LI Success Story: HIA-LI Award Process is Blueprint for Achievement

Gettry Marcus CPA, P.C.






Gettry Marcus CPA, P.C.

A Top 200 firm nationally with
offices in Woodbury, Long
Island and New York City. It
provides accounting, tax, and
consulting services to commercial
businesses, high net worth
individuals and various industries
which include Real Estate and
Health Care.




$18 Million

Contact Information:

Long Island
88 Froehlich Farm Blvd., 3rd Floor
Woodbury, NY 11797

New York City
3 Park Avenue, 27th Floor
New York, NY 10016


225 Wireless Blvd., Suite 101
Hauppauge, NY 11788
P: 631-543-5355
F: 631-543-5380

HIA-LI Member: Gettry Marcus CPA, P.C.

In 2013 Gettry Marcus, a Top 200 nationally-ranked CPA firm, applied for the HIA-LI Business Achievement Awards (BAAs). “The firm did not win,” Steve Marcus, Managing Partner of Gettry Marcus says bluntly. “But the experience was a great exercise. What we found was it gave us the opportunity to look at ourselves from an outsider’s perspective and it provided us with a blueprint for the ways we could improve. It gave us the opportunity to think strategically about our firm.” It was a challenge Marcus took on with a sense of purpose and direction.

He says that Gettry Marcus, an innovative provider of accounting, tax, and consulting services to commercial businesses in various industries, as well as high net worth individuals, had been on the mark as far as its business initiatives were concerned– but they weren’t all completed by the time he sat down with the HIA-LI BAA judging committee. “We had a lot of things in place in our strategic plans and I think we put together a very good presentation for the HIA-LI,” says Marcus. “But it was really the first time we had been looked at by an outside group. They took this very seriously and put a lot of time and effort into looking at each of the nominated firms.”

Gettry Marcus was chosen as a finalist for the BAAs that year. “Most firms would have been satisfied to be named a finalist, but we wanted to do better. The HIA-LI BAA committee told us that we had a lot of good things going for us, but that we hadn’t finished all of our initiatives. They would have looked at our firm differently had those been completed,” he says.

“The BAA event also gave us an opportunity to meet the other winners and finalists, a very powerful group. We learned how they built their companies and what they did to win these awards – I put a lot of value in it,” says Marcus. “I was able to learn what the other companies did right and what they did wrong – the journey they took. HIA-LI gave us the opportunity to build a relationship with these other businesses.”

The following year, things were different and Gettry Marcus had quite a story to tell.

“The previous year we had shared designs for a new space we were planning. But the following year, the judges saw a new space that was even better than the renderings. We moved into a new, open concept workplace, and we were able to show them an interactive, collaborative environment where partners and employees worked together. We showed them our new event space where we are able to host meetings and other activities. Just the tour of our office was completely different – from company lounge, to workspaces, to interactive bulletin board. They saw a new company,” says Marcus.

In addition, Marcus notes, “When we presented this time to the judging committee, the presentations were made by the employees who were working on those initiatives – not just management.” In fact, a presentation on its internship program was made by a former intern who had become an employee.

The transformation at Gettry Marcus was guided by criteria laid out by the HIA-LI. For two decades, the association has been refining its criteria to better guide Long Island companies toward success. Among its requirements, BAA winning companies must demonstrate:

  • Positive employer/employee relations
  • Commitment to the growth or betterment of the Long Island business community
  • Revenue and profitability trends over the last three years
  • Three to five year vision for the company’s future
  • and more.

“The staff and board at HIA-LI are very dedicated and a great group of people. They are looking to help you and do whatever they can for your business. They are making introductions and helping you build your network,” says Marcus.

Gettry Marcus has a stated goal to become a “Firm of the Future, Today” and the firm uses this phrase when describing its corporate mission. It was evident when the judges visited the firm. In 2014, Steve Marcus stood before an audience of Long Island business and legislative leaders when Gettry Marcus was named the winner of the HIA-LI Business Achievement Award for Small Business

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