Newsday: Results of Discover Long Island’s LI Tourism Study

Newsday Coverage of the Unveiling of Discover Long Island’s LI Tourism Study

Yesterday, January 16, 2019, Discover Long Island revealed the results of their Long Island Tourism Study at Simplay Entertainment, Hauppauge.

“The better we understand the impact Long Island has on the economy, the better we’ll be able to bolster our national and global competitiveness,” said Terri Alessi-Miceli, President and CEO of the HIA-LI.

“How many people know, for example, that the Hauppauge Industrial Park is America’s second-largest industrial park, surpassed only by Silicon Valley? We’re delighted to partner with the Discover Long Island team on this exciting and intriguing initiative because we understand the importance of tourism and attracting people to Long Island.”

Read the full Newsday Business article by James T. Madore below:

Study: LI is well known, but its attractions are not

Most U.S. tourists and business travelers have heard of Long Island, but few know what it has to offer, reducing the chances that they will visit or move to the region, according to a new study. Long Island had “universal name recognition” among the 1,250 U.S.