HIA-LI Testimonials

“HIA-LI has been a catalyst for growth among those clients who have become members – It’s been a tremendous resource for clients. Any issue a business is having, the HIA-LI has a resource that can help them. Long Island businesses face some unique challenges and the HIA-LI is the best representative of those doing business

Joe Campolo Managing Partner - Campolo, Middleton, & McCormick LLP

“The entire team felt that we benefited by meeting and listening to other business owners and hearing their stories at the HIA-LI Business Achievement Awards, as well as getting our name out as a finalist.”

Jennifer Tammany MAGii

“At the HIA-LI Business Achievement Awards, I found two things very valuable. Number one…I met probably 10 to 20 people that I already know, so it’s great to reconnect, but more importantly, met three or four other folks who can be either prospective clients for me, or really good resources.”

Richard Isaac Founder and President - Sandler Training in Hauppauge

“I really have to give a lot of credit to the HIA-LI. As someone who was not born and raised on Long Island, I was fortunate enough to connect with the HIA-LI, and they really gave us a vehicle to grow, expand, understand the Long Island economy and build my team – almost all of

Christine Ippolito Founding Principal - Compass Workforce Solutions

“The HIA-LI Trade Show and Conference always draws in a great crowd of entrepreneurs, corporate executives, decision makers, and business professionals. We were thrilled with the large turnout and the opportunities for networking. I am very proud of the individuals involved in making the day a true success.”

Patty Brehm CEO of Didit DM

“The HIA-LI Trade Show rocked! We had so many people stopping by. We landed about 12 quality leads. Any one of them would pay for the show.”

Frank Bravata, President – Cyber Control President – Cyber Control

“THANK YOU to all of the HIA-LI members out there who stopped by our booth at the show last week. So many leads…so many cool projects!”

Joe Refano President/Producer/Composer - Media Mechanix

“We have received a tremendous amount of responses by advertising in the the HIA-LI Reporter. We have acquired many new customers and have established a remarkable amount of catering business, which makes our advertising in the HIA-LI Reporter even more valuable.”

Don Ravella Owner - The Garage Eatery – Islandia

“The staff and board at HIA-LI are very dedicated and a great group of people. They are looking to help you and do whatever they can for your business. They are making introductions and helping you build your network.”

Steven Marcus Managing Partner - Gettry Marcus CPA, P.C.

“I have been an HIA-LI member for a number of years and found it very helpful in growing my business. The HIA–LI is a highly regarded, professional association for building important business relationships that help a company succeed and grow. Keep up the good work!!”

Joy Graceffo President - LI Essential Software & Training

“The small and large business achievement awards have been tremendous recognition events for VAI. As an IBM Premier Business Partner, it is very important to excel in customer satisfaction, which is a consideration by the HIA-LI for the award. The HIA-LI also identifies Long Island companies that contribute time to local community causes and activities.

Bob Vormittag President & CEO - VAI

“We always enjoy and value our participation in the HIA-LI Trade Show. It’s a vital part of our Long Island business development plan.”

Lou Giordano, NY Sales Manager - Coffee Distributing Corp. NY Sales Manager - Coffee Distributing Corp.

“As a member of the HIA-LI, we’re provided the benefit of networking with world-class companies. Not only local and regional firms, but national and international businesses as well. VAI utilizes many of the HIA-LI’s resources and participates in the association’s events throughout the year, including the annual HIA-LI Trade Show and Conference each spring. This

Bob Vormittag President & CEO - VIA

“Once again, our sponsorship of the Annual HIA-LI Trade Show is one that we are very proud of. Helping to bring such a broad spectrum of Long Island’s business community together for the purpose of learning, meeting new resources, networking and doing more business is very important to us.”

Greg Demetriou President - Lorraine Gregory Communications Group

“The tools Sal demonstrated to me will no doubt enable me to enhance my sales and business development. In one hour of training, databases not previously known to me are now at my disposal. Through their collaboration, HIA-LI and the Miller Business Resource Center give HIA-LI members valuable services/resources. Thank you HIA-LI and Sal at

Arnold Ceglia CargoTrans (Regarding Miller Resource Center)

“The HIA-LI Business Achievement Awards gave us an opportunity to meet the other winners and finalists, a very powerful group. We learned how they built their companies and what they did to win these awards – I put a lot of value in it. I was able to learn what the other companies did right

Steven Marcus Managing Partner of Gettry Marcus CPA, P.C.

“Part of my job is to support great organizations in Suffolk County. As someone who owned a small business for fifteen years, I not only appreciate the work that HIA-LI does as vitally important, but I appreciate how you do it. Additionally, it is rewarding to help you recognize those businesses which, despite the many

Tom Cilmi Suffolk County Legislator

“There were so many great companies that I met at the HIA-LI Business Achievement Awards. I realized HIA-LI was the perfect fit for us and the market we served.”

Joe Campolo Managing Partner - Campolo, Middleton & McCormick LLP

“HIA-LI has opened doors, introduced me to others and led me down roads otherwise not traveled. Since joining, I shared my expertise, made lasting and worthwhile connections and hope to grow my business through the numerous events offered nearly every day at HIA-LI.”

Cory Morris, Esq. The Law Offices of Cory H. Morris