News conference: Friday, Jan. 19, 2018, 10:30am at Hamlet Golf & Country Club, 1 Clubhouse Dr., Commack

HAUPPAUGE, NY – 1/19/2018: HIA-LI, one of Long Island’s most highly recognized voices for business, was joined by the Regional Plan Association (RPA) and the Suffolk County Industrial Development Agency (Suffolk IDA) at a January 19 news conference to announce the launch of an “Opportunity Analysis” that will identify ways that Hauppauge Industrial Park’s economic power can be channeled to maximize its contribution to Long Island’s long-term growth and competitiveness.

The RPA, a premier research, planning, and advocacy organization devoted to the tri-state area’s growth and sustainability, will undertake the analysis, which will build off results of an Economic Impact Study of the industrial park completed last month by Stony Brook University.

That study identified the park as a major economic engine for Long Island, employing some 55,000 workers and generating more than $870 million in combined income and property taxes annually. The Stony Brook University analysis concluded that the Hauppauge Industrial Park offered significant further potential for job growth, economic mobility, and population retention for Suffolk and Nassau counties.

“Hauppauge Industrial Park is an economic powerhouse for our community,” said Theresa Ward, Deputy County Executive/Commissioner of Suffolk County Department of Economic Development and Planning, and Chair of the Suffolk IDA. “We need to rally around this remarkable resource and expand on its long-term economic influence.”

“One in 20 jobs on Long Island is dependent on the Hauppauge Industrial Park, so it’s great to see that the Park is starting to get the recognition it deserves,” commented Joe Campolo, Managing Partner, Campolo, Middleton & McCormick, LLP, and HIA-LI Board Chair. “Partnering with the Suffolk IDA and the RPA is crucial to getting the support and resources the Park needs to thrive.” Campolo is also Chair of the Hauppauge Industrial Park Task Force.

“It is essential that Long Island fully tap the Hauppauge Industrial Park’s power to fortify our region’s future for many decades to come,” said Terri Alessi-Miceli, President and CEO of HIA-LI. “With its world-class combination of vision, brainpower, policy orientation, and strategic thinking, the Suffolk IDA and the Regional Plan Association are ideally situated to help Long Island pinpoint ways this park can deliver maximum impact.”

Ms. Alessi-Miceli added that the RPA would work in conjunction with Stony Brook University and the Suffolk IDA on the project. She said that retaining and attracting a youthful workforce would be major focuses of the study.

Home to more than 1,350 businesses, the post-tax payroll of the 1,400-acre industrial park’s workforce generates more than $2 billion in local spending. Occupants’ primary business categories include manufacturing, technology, government, education, environment, transportation, energy, and engineering.

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