Food Drive Needed Items

Personal Care and Household Product Drive

Long Island Cares, Inc. is dedicated to helping our neighbors receive nutritious meals, raise healthy families and enjoy the basic essentials of life. These essentials build confidence and help individuals grow into strong, hardworking citizens within the community.

Below are some suggestions:

Razor/Razor Blades
Combs & Brushes
Tooth Brushes/Paste
Mouth Wash
Feminine Hygiene Items
Lotion and Cream
NEW Blankets

Toilet Paper
Adult Diapers
Under Garments
Paper Napkins/Towels
Plastic Plates/Bowls
Utensils and Cups
Can Openers
Laundry Detergent
Household Cleaning Products

Individual size, Regular size and Bulk items are accepted.

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Create packages using all of our most wanted items for easy distribution!

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Long Island Cares; The Harry Chapin Food Bank

320,000 people go hungry on
Long Island

Here is a list of the food items they
need the most

Juice (Plastic Containers)
Shelf-Stable Milk
Peanut Butter
Kidney Beans
Macaroni & Cheese
Canned Fish
Canned Meat
Canned Vegetables
Canned Fruits
Canned Soups
Jello and Pudding
Cookies and Crackers
Granola and Nuts
Pancake/Cake Mix

We also accept:

School Supplies
Birthday Party Supplies
Household Goods
Pet Food
Personal Care
Baby Care
New Toys
New Hats, Gloves, Socks
New Blankets

These items are given to over 560 Nassau and Suffolk County
Not-for-Profit organizations who immediately distribute to families