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Full service Insurance Brokerage specializing in Risk Management & Consulting across various industries. USI leverages proprietary analytics along with both national and local resources to lower the total cost of risk for our clients.

WizdomOne Group of Companies

WizdomOne Group of Companies

The WizdomOne Group evolved from a bold idea in 2008 with the founding of our employee benefits practice.  Success soon followed, not because we touted a novel idea; but rather we believed in the fundamentals of a simple concept. Your advisor should work for you, not the carrier. 

Our innate philosophy is a focus on you – the client.  We focus on providing a highly responsive level of service, organic advice and fresh smart ideas. Additionally, while staying current and attentive, we are committed to advocacy and education of our clients.

Today, the WizdomOne Group of Companies includes:

• WizdomFinancial Advisors LLC – a private wealth management firm.

• WizdomTree Benefit Solutions Inc. – a full-service all-inclusive and innovative employee benefits firm

• WizdomTower Risk LLC – a full-service insurance agency servicing clients’ business and personal property & casualty insurance needs

• WizdomCare Senior Solutions – a full-service Medicare plans agency