Your college meal plan for real life.

MunchMoney enables anyone, either as an individual user or through our employer program, to master their food spending via a mobile-first toolkit founded on the access to per-purchase discounts and individualized perks from our network of eateries.

As an employer, you can be there for your employees to help them along the way while building loyalty, commitment, and a healthy, happier company culture. Through MunchMoney, you are able to outpace your competition by providing a cost-efficient benefit that really matters to your employees.

As a restaurant partner, you know the challenges of building brand loyalty and becoming a favorite place to eat. The benefits are immense with every repeat visit, and additional spend flows directly to you. MunchMoney connects you to your customers in easy and meaningful ways that creates engagement they want to talk about.

Like a college meal plan, MunchMoney makes life simpler for all of its users – whether you’re a customer, restaurant or business owner. We cannot bring back the good ol’ college days. But by downloading MunchMoney, we can help you make your food spending manageable and connect you with the best offers from your favorite places all in one place.

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