4G Professionals LLC

4G Professionals LLC is a recently formed company that provides corporate and residential disinfection/ cleaning services and pest management solutions.  The women-owned company was founded by partners George Schwab and George Orr and is based in Nesconset, New York.

Our philosophy is to provide high-quality, scientifically-based solutions that provide areas of residence and workplaces with a clean and healthy environment utilizing a “green” approach.  We started the company with the approach that pest management/ control can be accomplished without the use of harsh or sometimes dangerous chemicals and decided to expand this idea to help during the recent pandemic.  Our most recent focus is the cleaning, decontamination, and disinfection of offices, pharmaceutical/ medical device companies, warehouses, day care facilities, pharmacies and schools that may or may not have experienced COVID-19 cases.  Our teams use a range of disinfectants that can be catered to the client’s preference to spray or “fog” areas, as well as hand sanitize where microorganisms can harbor and proliferate.  We bring our professional background in both chemistry and microbiology to deliver the right solution for each of our clients.

Our expanding pest management services support both residential and commercial properties with an integrated pest management approach focusing on prevention.  We offer industrial and residential mosquito and tick treatments using ingredients that are harmless to the environment and children.