Rich Humann

Rich HumannRich Humann
H2M Architects & Engineers

Mr. Humann is President and CEO of H2M architects + engineers; H2M Associates, Inc.; and H2M Architects & Engineers, Inc. He is responsible for the corporate management of H2M’s business units and market sectors, and is charged with implementing H2M’s strategic plan and market based initiative. In this professional capacity, Mr. Humann works with the H2M leadership to support the overall performance of each firm.

Mr. Humann is also engaged in H2M’s water resources business unit and manages several of H2M’s water supply clients. As such, his duties include planning, engineering reports and studies, plans and specifications, evaluating and designing new and/or modified water supply facilities; building systems; mechanical and pumping systems; control systems; and treatment systems. He is responsible for being informed of emerging water quality and regulatory issues and has in-depth knowledge of the requirements of the New York State Sanitary Code and the guidelines of the Recommended Standards for Water Works. Mr. Humann has also successfully engineered and managed dozens of projects for new groundwater supply wells and treatment systems. He also holds extensive experience in hydrogeology, groundwater and aquifer assessments, plume and groundwater contamination evaluations, water quality and regulatory requirements.

Previously, Mr. Humann was the chief water resources engineer for H2M. In that capacity, he was responsible for the day-to-day management of the water resources division, which includes over 40 water supply engineers, scientists, inspectors and specialists. During his career at H2M, as a Project Engineer, Project Manager or Project Director, Mr. Humann has been responsible for the design and construction of groundwater treatment systems for over 75 public supply wells for various types of contaminant removal, including volatile organics, iron and manganese, nitrate and perchlorate.