Chris Valsamos

Chris Valsamos
Castella Imports, Inc.

Chris Valsamos is the President and CEO of Castella Imports, Inc. and one of the co-founders of the company.

Before taking over as CEO in July of 2016 from the company’s founder, Chris was Castella’s Executive Vice President and was responsible for overseeing and leading the company’s executive team.  In addition, he was responsible for devising and implementing systems, processes and procedures in order to streamline operations, gain market share and enhance company profitability and performance.  Chris was also instrumental in implementing a commitment based management style to achieve breakthrough results in execution, collaboration and communication of company goals.  Chris has also spent time leading both the company’s sales teams and operations teams.

Chris earned an MBA from Hofstra University, where he majored in Strategic Business Management, and a bachelor’s in Business Administration majoring in Finance from Hofstra University.

Chris is also a SQF Practitioner and is Advanced Master Black Belt in Six Sigma from Villanova University.

Chris is happily married and resides in Huntington.